Working toward a cleaner future, by getting gross polluting vehicles, off the road, and repaired or retired (thru the California Vehicle Retirement Plan) is in BuildMode 1/12/2008


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Report a Gross Polluter

Have you seen a vehicle spewing - grey, brown or blue - smoke out of their exhaust/tailpipe or from under the hood or under the vehicle? Would you like to help keep our air clean and free from pollution

You can now report a offending smoking/polluting vehicle by emailing us at

Please include the Vehicle's License Plate number, and a brief description of the vehicle (what ever you can) i.e. is it a Privately owned Car, Truck, Van, Motorhome, or Commercially Operated Vehicle (Commercial Trucks, Heavy Duty Trucks like dump trucks, Big Box Vans (like UPS Delivery Vans, Diesel Tractors - Big Rigs.

It would be helpful if you could also include the Make, Model of the vehicle (if possible ) and where (the town/city/area) the gross polluting vehicle was seen or spotted. will search available State data bases, identify the vehicle and add it to our list to watch, But you should notify the Department of Motor Vehicles and/or California Air Resources Board of the vehicle Directly and report it as polluting the environment. Use one of the links below to contact them Directly.

Helpful Direct links (to) and information (about), the California Air Resources Board Complaint Programs , and useful contact information.

The ARB's Complaint Program conducts special investigations of air pollution complaints from all over the state of California, monitors the ARB's complaint hotline and informs Air Pollution Control Districts of possible violations of district rules and assists in conducting selected complaint investigations.

TELEPHONE HOTLINES Vehicle Complaint Hotline: 1-800-END-SMOG
General Air Pollution Complaint Hotline: 1-800-952-5588
COMPLAINT RESOLUTION If you would like to learn more about how to resolve air pollution complaints, please review the ARB's Complaint Resolution Protocol (in English or Spanish .)
U.S. EPA JURISDICTION To file a complaint that falls under Federal Jurisdiction , please go to the USEPA's Compliance and Enforcement page.


  • Air Quality Complaint Investigations: please email Carl Brown or telephone (916) 323-8417.
  • Idling Vehicle Complaints: please email Hortencia Mora or telephone (626) 350-6590; you may also email Renae Hankins or telephone (916) 322-8275.
  • Locomotive Complaints: please email Terone Preston or telephone (916) 323-0255.
  • Smoking Vehicle Complaints: please email Renae Hankins or telephone (916) 322-8275; you may also email Hortencia Mora or telephone (626) 350-6590.

Enforcement Program Contacts

ARB Enforcement Program

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